Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to Apply for a Japan Tourist Visa in Dubai? (For Filipinos)

According to passportindex.org Philippine Passport is number 57 all over the world, that's why visas are always a major hassle for many Filipino travelers. One look at the list of requirements some will definitely feel intimidated by it. I've heard lots of stories about getting denied of a visa but finally Japan actually relaxed in issuing Tourist Visas to Filipinos. Anyone who applied with proper documents is almost guaranteed to get a visa.

If you are planning on a short vacay to Japan and you are residing in Dubai the process of getting a visa is much easier than in Manila. Sounds good right?

When i am in Japan a lot of my friends from Dubai are sending me messages and asking me about applying a tourist visa to Japan.

So here you go, below are the steps on how to apply a Japan Tourist Visa for Filipinos in Dubai, UAE. I hope the informations below can help you. I cannot guarantee you about getting a visa i just wrote about my own experience on applying a visa.

Best of luck! :)

Requirements for a Tourist Visa to Japan:

1. Passport
  • Must have atleast 6 months validity, with signature and more than 2 blank pages.
2. Visa Application Form
  • Make sure everything you write in the forms are correct. Don't leave any blank just put N/A if not applicable.
  • You can download the application form here.
3. Bank Statement
  • You need a 3 months bank statement to show that you are financially capable of supporting yourself for the duration of your vacation in Japan. It is known that the cost of living in Japan is high so you have to be smart about how you will be presenting your financial standing. 
  • I got my bank statement through Emirates NBD. It cost 25dhs and they automatically debited it in your bank account.
4. Photo
  • Needs to be taken within 6 months.
  • In size 4.5cm x 4.5cm (2X2) in white background
  • Photo must be pasted on the application form.
5. Certificate of Employment
  • The position, date of joining, monthly salary and leave period have to be stated on the letter.
6. Schedule of Stay/Travel Itinerary
  • Below is the sample of my schedule of stay. You can download the template here.
7. Additional Requirements
  • Passport Copy
  • UAE Visa Page Copy
  • Hotel Bookings - I would suggest to book your Hotel in booking.com and choose a hotel that offers a free cancellation of booking, so whenever you find a cheaper hotel you can cancel it without paying charges. You need a credit card to book your hotel in booking.com however there are some travel agency who can provide a hotel booking for you. 50dhs - 100dhs/each per hotel booking.
  • Copy of confirmation of Flight Booking - Do not book your flight yet when you haven't got your visa. Lots of travel agency can book your ticket and reserve your flight on your chosen date but after issuing the ticket it will be cancelled before 24hours. This is the dummy ticket. People in Dubai.. I bet you know this very well!

Where to apply?

You can apply your visa to Consulate General of Japan in Dubai near World Trade Center Metro Station. Below are the address, email and contact numbers of the consulate. Please note that visa application is from 9am to 12pm only and for Visa collection 12pm-1pm only.

Once you reach the consulate you need to get a number to the machine and wait for your number to be called. They will ask you a few question like why do you want to go to Japan, where you will go in Japan, about your job in Dubai and how many years you are working here. After submitting all your requirements they will give you a receipt with the date when to collect your passport and a sticker with number. I got my visa after 4 days! 

FYI! Visa application fee is FREE for Filipinos. Yay!

FAX: +971-4-331-9292
E-mail Address: 
dubai@du.mofa.go.jp(For General) 
ryouji@du.mofa.go.jp(For Visa)
28th Floor, Dubai World Trade Centre
Dubai, United Arab Emirates P.O.Box 9336


If you have guarantors in Japan or you're visiting a friend/relative then you are required to send additional documents (Invitation letter, residence certificate, foreign registration etc.). I have a relatives in Japan but i've read in some other blogs that the most simplest and convenient way to apply a visa is not to declare that you have relatives and friends in japan so the embassy/consulate will not ask for more additional requirements proving your relationship and creating tons of invitation letters to your guarantor. I only know the process of getting a tourist visa without guarantor so in case you have questions. You can check the official list on this website 

*Post a comment here, if you have any questions and will try my best to get back to you as soon as i can.

And on my next blog post i will be posting some of my photos during my trip in Japan and will post some tips about where to stay, where to go and what to eat? :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


My sister and i had 18hours stopover in Singapore's Changi Airport since we don't need to get a visa going out. I have decided to go out and stay for almost a day in Singapore.
I would say that my 18hours layover in Singapore are productive and worth it as i have been to different places in a small time.

Here are my tips on what to do during your layover in Singapore.
Changi Airport runs free 2 hour sightseeing tours of the city that show you several highlights. If you have at least 5hours to spare before your connecting flight, you can register for a free 2 hours sightseeing tour.

Here's the link to know the schedule of the free Singapore tour.
You can enjoy the shopping mall like hallways at Changi, selling everything from clothing to handbags to electronics and cosmetics! There is a lot of 24hours restaurant and coffee shop. There is an area as well for those people who love video games.

Don’t worry about finding a place to crash, as there’s an airport hotel, which you can book by the hour if you don’t have the night to spend. There are also lounges all over the airport. There is also a spa, where you can get a massage, pedicure or shower off. 

There's a free & fast wifi on the airport. You can watch movie, work or visit any of your social site while waiting for your flight.

Since we have decided to go out. Here are some of the photos of me and my sister during our layover in Singapore.

I've stayed in Hotel 81 in Lorong 16 and i booked my hotel through booking.com. The price is fair enough. The place is fine and it was indeed a busy area. The hotel is 10-15minutes from the train station.

We decided check out the place around the hotel and we found this 7-11 Store to buy some stuff that we will be needing since our check in luggage will be directly going to Dubai. 

While we are having our dinner we met a very nice Singaporean and had a chat with him.

Fullerton :)
 My sister and I having our selfie with the Merlion.

 At the Marina Bay Sands

Taxi are expensive in Singapore. Train is way cheaper to travel in Singapore and it's a good experience as well to get around the city.

at the Esplanade Station

Going to Changi Airport is very easy as there is a train going straight to the airport.

Goodbye Singapura!! :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

MARCH.2015 Playlist!

Currently listening to my awesome playlist and loving it! Hope you all like it. 

Summer is coming! <3

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Hey Hey! 
As of now i am 28 and i will be turning 29 this November 2015. That means i still have 1.5 year until i turn the big 3-0. 
These are the 30 things that i have on my list to accomplish some on the list has been accomplished since last year. 
These life goals is a lot to get through in 1.5 year. 
Some will be big, and some will be not so big, but if they are on this list, then I obviously should make a serious effort to do them. 
I figured that if I share them with you all, I will be held more accountable for getting them done! Right? Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to add these to your life goals list as well. So, here we go!

1. Love Myself More
Loving yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. Accept your flaws and flaunt your strength. I read online that when you don't love yourself and you don't accept yourself for who you are and what you are you will always look for someone else to do it for you. It will never works, because people who don't love themselves attract other people who don't love themselves. Then they try to get others to love them unconditionally when they're not even doing it for themselves. 

2. Save Money and Start My Own Business

3. Be a Conscious Eater and Take Exercise Seriously
I recently found out that I have a slightly higher than normal cholesterol and blood sugar. It’s very alarming because at my age i have given 3 months medication by my doctor for high blood pressure and cholesterol. We must live healthier by caring about what goes into our body. Our metabolism is beginning to slow down already, so gone are the days when we could pig out on burgers, pizza, fries and coke at 10pm. I read that it’s okay to have junk food once in a while but try to sustain patterns of eating clean. #healthiswealth

4. Fall in Love / Get My Heart Broken Cycle
Yes, I just said get my heartbroken. But after that heartbreak, i know someone waaaaaaay better will come along, and i'll have to be ready! He will be someone who truly loves and appreciates me. A person with a vision and true character. I will cherish him, treat him right and i know it's going to be awesome! <3

5. Figure Out Who My Real Friends Are!
Before i reach 30, i should know who is really on my team and who really needs to go. I realized that i don't need a lot of friends i just want to keep the real ones.

6. Have a Career

7. Buy My Own House

8. Learn How To Drive
2 years ago i enrolled in a driving school here in Dubai and i am planning to go back soon as i really need to learn how to drive so it will be easy for me especially on my job.

9. Start Volunteering

10. Get a Huge Dose of Adrenaline Rush
Roller coaster is not yet on my list but will definitely try it soon. For a while maybe Zipline and Paraglide but not Sky Diving and Bungee Jumping.

11. Start Skin Care Regimen

12. Attend Once in a Life Time Concert

13. Party All Night in a Different City

14. Travel Alone
I have experienced to travel alone during my 28th birthday in Thailand. After that experience i realized that sometimes i need to make this as one of my priority to treat myself to my dream vacation.

15. Go on a Road Trip with my friends
I love making such good memories with my friends.

16. Spend More Time With My Family

17. Forgive Someone/Stop Holding Grudges – Forgive & Forget

18. Go To Church
Not necessarily a particular church and not regularly. I mean just go every now and then to remind myself that I am here because of God’s love and to be humbled by it, and renew my resolution to continually strive to become a better person.

19. Hug More!

20. Laugh More!

21. Do Something Adventurous

22. Learn How To Cook

23. Get Married
To be honest i don't know if this will be happen to me but who knows?

24. Get my Arabic Name Tattoo (Not Sure!)
I love Tattoos and i am still not sure if i will get one.

25. Treat Myself to Something Really Expensive

26. Face My Fear

27. Learn The I'm a Slave 4 U Dance

Britney's Spears i'm a slave 4 u video is so HOOOTTT! I am dying to know the choreography of this video since highschool. I am not a Britney fan but who cares? I want to learn this dance move. 

28. Learn How To Poll Dance
Oh my god! I am so obsessed with Pole Dancing. Love it!

29. Share Knowledge with Everyone

I dont claim to know a lot. But i can say that i have fair amount of experience. I have learn many lessons in life and i know i have something to share.

I could tell you but then i'd have to kill you.